MLB The Show 24 Update 12 released this week, adding the new Minnesota Twins' City Connect Uniforms. Furthermore, the patch notes includes fixes to several modes like Franchise, Diamond Dynasty, and more. Additionally, the developers released some notes this time around. They made some interesting tweaks to foul balls that should impact competitive play. Without further ado, let's check out the MLB The Show 24 Update 12 Patch Notes.

MLB The Show 24 Update 12 Patch Notes

PS4: 1.12
PS5: 1.012
Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S: 1.0.93
Nintendo Switch: 1.12

Deployed on: June 13th at 4AM PT


  • Minnesota Twins City Connect uniform has been added.


  • Fixed a bug that could prevent the CPU from making trades.


  • Seasons collection menu will now display more rows to accommodate all cards collected.
  • Adjustments were made to the batter’s eye in Cairo to improve ball visibility.


  • Fixed an issue that would cause an unhandled server exception when trying to replay a moment that was already completed.


  • Various commentary and presentation bug fixes and tuning.


  • Foul balls: We’ve made some tweaks to foul balls, primarily impacting the Competitive gameplay style. With poor swing timings, users will now experience more swings and misses.

Firstly, the update added the new Minnesota Twins' City Connect Uniforms. These new jerseys don the state of Minnesota on the cap, with the state's initials, MN, are visible on the jersey. While I personally haven't been a big fan of most City Connect Jerseys, their inclusion in the game is at least appreciated. So if you like these jerseys, or want to change things up in Franchise, you can now do so.

Moving on, the Update made several fixes across various modes. For example, one fix involved fixing a bug that would prevent CPU teams from trading in Franchise. Additionally, Diamond Dynasty received a few improvements in both gameplay and convenience. The Batter's eye in Cairo received some adjustments to give you a better view. Lastly, the update included several commentary and presentation bug fixes.

However, the best thing about this update comes under the Developer Notes section. San Diego Studios adjusted foul balls in a way that now penalizes poor swing timing. Before, it seemed players could hit just about any ball that came their way. Now, you'll need to practice your batting just a bit more to avoid foul balls and strikeouts.

Overall, that wraps up everything we know about MLB The Show 24 Update 12. We hope you enjoy all the new fixes and improvements. And while the Twins City Connect Jersey essentially looks like the Phillies' City Connect jersey, they're now in the game for anybody who wants to use them. However, we're just glad to see the improvements to Foul Balls, as well as the fixes to various modes.

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