The Oakland Athletics are getting roasted after gifting an $80 bottle of wine for Detroit Tigers star Miguel Cabrera's retirement. Not only did many consider the gift cheap, but also insensitive since Cabrera is a recovering alcoholic.

Many across the MLB called out the gift, which fell flat on Cabrera's farewell tour. Here are some of the reactions from across the league:

The Athletics are not the only team to have made this gift blunder. The Marlins got him a bottle of rum and box of cigars while the Astros also gifted him a bottle of wine. However, the Athletics' gift look extra bad since they are notoriously cheap for not spending much on their roster or facilities.

Still, the gift simply comes across as low effort on behalf of the Athletics. This is especially clear when compared with some of the highly personalized and meaningful gifts and memorabilia that other teams got for Cabrera when he made his final stop at their stadium. The Los Angeles Dodgers got Cabrera a Hollywood Star with his name on it, while the Angels gifted him a surfboard with his accomplishments listed. The Yankees got Miggy a subway sign, $10,000 donation for his foundation, and a painting, per Ayrton Ostly of USA Today.

Aside from the Athletic's gift gaffe, Miguel Cabrera has had a great farewell tour. After a storied career featuring a World Series title, winning the AL MVP twice, earning the Triple Crown and 12 All-Star nods, Cabrera plays in his final game on October 1st.