Moon Knight has just hit Disney+ and there's a lot to unpack from its very first episode. While Oscar Isaac's portrayal of both Steve Grant and Marc Spector is just marvelous, there are a lot of details hiding beneath the surface. We take a deep dive into these Moon Knight episode 1 easter eggs and see what they mean for this show set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Moon Knight episode 1 easter eggs

Everyone knows that any Marvel project, whether it's on film or television, is filled to the brim with easter eggs. Most of these are based on material from the comics while some are callbacks from previous movies or shows or subtle hints towards the future. And with that ending, there are sure to be a lot of Moon Knight episode 1 things you missed.

The giant beaked figure with a disembodied voice

Throughout the episode, a strange voice keeps popping out of nowhere to instruct Grant, especially in moments he was being chased by Arthur Harrow's men. Later, a tall figure wrapped in bandages with a beak keeps on appearing.

Eagle-eyed fans will recognize this figure as Khonshu, the Egyptian moon god. In the comics, Marc Spector was chosen by the said god to be his ‘knight of vengeance' after being abandoned in the desert by mercenaries and making it back alive. Khonshu, for his part, is the source of Moon Knight's abilities, which include increased strength, speed, and endurance.

Ethan Hawke's Arthur Harrow

After blacking out and waking up in a European town, Grant encounters Arthur Harrow, a cult leader played by Ethan Hawke. Due to the time skip, viewers have no idea who this man is, how Grant met him, or what he's after.

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What's clear, though, is he leads a cult serving a goddess named Ammit. In Egyptian mythology, Ammit is seen with the forequarters of a lion, the hind legs of a hippopotamus, and a crocodile's head. She is also known as the Devourer of the Dead and Eater of Hearts as she is tasked with consuming the hearts of the unpure in the afterlife.

Marc Spector

Those who caught Moon Knight episode 1 might be wondering what's happening with Oscar Isaac's Steve Grant. At one point, he seems normal, then blacks out all of a sudden. When he returns, he's in a different scene from what happened seconds before. There are even some parts where his reflection in the mirror speaks and calls himself Marc.

Marc Spector in 2022 | Comic pictures, Moon knight, Comic panels

As mentioned earlier, there are several personalities inhabiting Steve Grant's body. Among them is Marc Spector, a mercenary. In the comics, this is the main personality of Moon Knight with Steve Grant playing the secondary one. In episode 1, the main perspective is that of Grant with Spector coming out during times of danger. It's expected that in the following episodes, fans will get to see more of Spector.


As Grant was scrolling through the flip phone, he sees the name Duchamp on it. This is not a coincidence.

In the comics, Duchamp is a french pilot and known as Moon Knight's sidekick. It still remains to be seen in what form he'll take in this Marvel series or if he'll even come out in the following episodes.

These Moon Knight episode 1 easter eggs are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Marvel's newest hero. Without a doubt, there'll be a lot more coming our way as the subsequent episodes hit Disney+ in the coming weeks. Of course, it pays to keep an eye on these easter eggs to make your viewing more rewarding.