The Denver Nuggets gave Jimmy Butler and the Miami Heat an early lesson about why they are the massive favorites to win the 2023 NBA Finals.

The lesson, however, left several fans dozing off, as the Nuggets did not give Miami much of a chance, blowing out the Eastern Conference champions to the tune of a 104-93 score, which even looked relatively competitive compared to how the actual contest was played from start to finish.

Fans took to Twitter right away after the final buzzer to sound off about how “boring” the series opener was.

“The Denver nuggets vs the Miami heat is the most boring finals ever,” tweeted @1x_wavy.

“The 2023 NBA finals are so boring. Should’ve been Lakers vs Celtics. Battle for banner 18. Anyone who’s says they wouldn’t want to see a battle for banner 18 is lying 😹,” said @HoodiLane.

Here are more reactions to the Heat-Nuggets' one-sided showdown:

Not everyone is buying the snoozefest narrative, though.

“The finals so boring” don’t watch then 💀,” said Twitter user @Demar305.

Another, @NarrowGaming, echoed that sentiment: “For the people on twitter trying to use this game to push the agenda of this finals being boring because Game 1 was a blowout, you're the same people who glorify the 2016 Finals which was mostly blowouts until Game 7. Nobody is forcing you to watch the Finals, so don't”

The last thing the Nuggets would worry about after their win over Miami is how people are perceiving the quality of Game 1. Denver will take a win any way they could and you can say the same about the Heat.