On July 9, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone rolled out a major patch that introduced significant updates and improvements aimed at refining gameplay mechanics, curbing exploits, and bolstering both stability and performance.

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 & Warzone July 9 Update Full List Of Patch Notes

Tac Sprint Boots

A standout modification in Warzone is the increased spawn rate of Tac Sprint Boots. Previously confined to a single pair within bunkers, the latest patch triples their availability to enhance player mobility and tactical diversity. Now, players will find one set in the chest of the treasury room and two additional sets in the bunker's initial room, prior to the treasury.

COR-45 Exploit Fix

The patch rectifies a critical exploit linked to the COR-45 handgun. Some players had manipulated input methods to fire the weapon faster than intended. This fix ensures the handgun operates according to its original design specifications, promoting fair play across the board.

Global Improvements

Stability And Performance

Developers have resolved a recurring issue where players would get stuck while loading the Main Menu, smoothing out the initial game-starting process. This update forms part of several fixes aimed at enhancing the game’s overall stability and performance.


An exploit within the Showcase feature previously allowed players to equip items they hadn't officially unlocked. This bug has been corrected to uphold the integrity of game customization, ensuring all items used are properly earned.

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Multiplayer Enhancements


Earlier issues with incorrect display requirements for unlocking the G3T_H1GH3R Camos have been corrected, enabling players to accurately track and achieve their progression.

Map Adjustments

Specific maps have seen strategic adjustments. For instance, the geometry near the Central Pillars on Das Haus has been modified to prevent enemy nameplates from showing through surfaces. On Meat, collision adjustments near the Entrance have been made to block access to exploitable locations.

Modes And Mutations

In Mutation Mode, balance changes were implemented for the Mutated Leaper and Mutant Juggernaut. The Leaper’s inner explosive damage radius was reduced drastically, although its damage output increased, whereas the Juggernaut’s maximum health was reduced to make it less overpowering.

Weapons And Attachments

Light Machine Guns

For the RAAL MG, an incompatible attachment, the GRV-Z Short Grip, was removed to ensure attachment efficacy and maintain weapon balance.


Following the fire rate correction, further adjustments were made to the COR-45 to fine-tune its performance within the game’s strategic balance.

Modern Warfare 3 Killstreaks Adjustments

DNA Bomb

A fix was implemented for an exploit that allowed players to earn the DNA Bomb more frequently than intended in round-based modes, now requiring a more fitting level of effort and skill.

Missile Drone

Improvements to the Missile Drone's flight path were made to eliminate obstructions during critical gameplay moments, thus boosting its effectiveness.

Modern Warfare 3 Zombies Mode Fixes


The patch resolved an issue with the JAK Signal Burst Conversion Kit on the DM56, which was previously equipped incorrectly. Additionally, an exploit with the Dead Wire Ammo Mod that enabled excessive damage to Elite enemies was rectified, ensuring balanced challenges within the Zombies mode.

Modern Warfare 3 & Warzone July 9 Patch Key Updates:

The July 9 update for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone delivers an extensive array of fixes, enhancements, and balance adjustments aimed at enriching the player experience. This patch, from making Tac Sprint Boots more accessible in Warzone to addressing various game mode exploits and crucial stability improvements, seeks to craft a more enjoyable and equitable gaming environment. Players across all game modes can now anticipate a more streamlined and balanced play experience.

Key Updates:

  • Increased availability of Tac Sprint Boots in Warzone.
  • Fix for the COR-45 handgun fire rate exploit.
  • Stability improvements and bug fixes in the Main Menu.
  • Correction of item customization exploits.
  • Adjustments to multiplayer progression display.
  • Map geometry and collision corrections.
  • Gameplay balance tweaks in Mutation Mode.
  • Weapon and attachment compatibility checks.
  • Killstreak adjustments for fairer gameplay.
  • Fixes and balances in Zombies mode.

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