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Video: Myles Turner dunks on kid at summer camp

Earlier this month, Indiana Pacers big man Myles Turner held a basketball camp for kids in Euless Texas.

Admirably, Turner told The CW33 that he wanted to help influence the same community that helped him as a kid.

It’s incredible, man. You can see I’m working hard, worked up quite a sweat and I’m just ready to go out here. I love helping kids achieve their goals, achieve their dreams. Someone helped me when I was younger and I want to be that influence, that voice in this community.

What Turner didn’t say, was how he planned to be the latest NBA player to destroy any of the poor kids that tried to guard him.

Then it happened, a young lady tried guarding Myles Turner on a fast-break and he dunked on her without hesitating.

When Dime Magazine asked Turner if he prefers to take it easy or bring his A-game against the kids, Turner responded with no remorse.

I bring it every time and I show ’em no mercy. No one’s gonna show them mercy when they play against them, so it’s a great way to get a good mindset at a young age.

One thing we know about NBA players around the country, and that is they give hard lessons to our youth.

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