Napoli striker Victor Osimhen has taken the dramatic step of deleting all images and posts related to his time with the Serie A club from his Instagram account, reported by GOAL. This bold move comes in the wake of an escalating public dispute between the Nigerian forward and Napoli.

The origin of the rift traces back to a TikTok video posted by Napoli, which openly mocked Osimhen for missing a penalty against Bologna. The video featured a high-pitched voice in the background shouting, “gimme penalty please.” A subsequent video drew comparisons between Osimhen and a coconut.

Osimhen's agent, Roberto Calenda, has hinted at the possibility of legal action against Napoli, indicating that his client's departure from the club in January is increasingly likely. This situation has strained Osimhen's relationship with Napoli to the point where he has removed all references to the club from his Instagram profile.

Despite the turmoil, Osimhen's on-field performance this season has been commendable. The 24-year-old striker had scored three goals in five appearances for Napoli, adding to his impressive tally of 31 goals across all competitions in the previous season.

The clubs fixture against Udinese is scheduled for tonight, but whether Victor Osimhen will be included in the lineup remains uncertain. The ongoing dispute threatens to disrupt the harmony within the club, with Napoli facing the challenge of managing the situation while striving for success on the field. Osimhen's departure, once considered a remote possibility, now looms larger on the horizon, leaving Napoli to ponder their future without the prolific Nigerian striker.