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‘Narrative’ to play a factor with where Kevin Durant plays next

Kevin Durant, Warriors

According to the most recent rumblings, Golden State Warriors superstar Kevin Durant will let narrative alter his decision making process. Not an incredibly shocking thing to believe, as this is a human who claims to not care what people think about him, but once was busted using burner accounts to defend himself.

The latter part of it all, for what it is worth, is actually something we should relate to. While everyone made fun of Kevin Durant for the burner account stuff, who in their right mind would enjoy being roasted all the time by total strangers? Not me, that’s for sure.

Anyway, Ramona Shelburne went on a podcast and said the following:

“If KD were to leave, I think narrative has to play a factor in where he goes,” Shelburne told ESPN podcast Mason and Ireland.

“Joining up with LeBron [James] doesn’t really help his narrative, he has to go to somewhere like New York.

“I don’t know that he will leave Golden State, we will see.

“The one thing he gets knocked for is joining up with Steph [Curry]. He can’t leave that and go and play with LeBron.”

All of which makes some sense. That being said, Durant seems like a guy who just wants to play basketball and win. And, yes, that’s total conjecture on my end, but he knew there would be push back when he joined the Warriors and did it anyway.

Also of note, a whatever he decides to do likely hinges on how other NBA franchises form their own rosters.