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Adam Silver explains decision to include Dwyane Wade, Dirk Nowitzki as special All-Star additions

Dwayne Wade, Adam Silver, Dirk Nowitzki

Adam Silver thought it made a lot of sense to include Miami Heat star Dwyane Wade and Dallas Mavericks star Dirk Nowitzki in this year’s NBA All-Star Game.

The two legends were selected as extra additions to this year’s All-Star lineup considering that they could both be retiring following this season.

And while there’s speculation as to whether this trend will continue in the future, it seems like Silver treated this as a unique occasion that would allow the league to honor two of its all-time greats.

Here’s what he had to say about adding the two players, courtesy of Dan Feldman of NBC Sports:

“I thought it was a very unique situation in which you had two NBA champions, two NBA players who had long, fantastic careers, both of whom had been All-Stars multiple times in their career,” Silver said, “and both of whom, in the case of Dwyane Wade, had already announced it was going to be his last season. In the case of Dirk Nowitzki, I saw him painfully running up and down the court, and I think it was clear that this was going to be his last season. And it just seemed like a wonderful opportunity to honor two greats.”

With the NBA All-Star Game being nothing more than an exhibition, it’s easy to understand why the league would choose to make these types of exceptions.

And with so many fans loving both players, it should be entertaining to watch them showcase their skills in one of the most exciting games of the season.