NBA All-Star news: League could use target score in G-League
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REPORT: NBA could use target score in G-League

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The league tried something new at this year’s NBA All-Star Game in order to promote competitiveness while also honoring the late Kobe Bryant.

Rather than playing a traditional game with four 12-minute quarters in order to decide a winner, each team had the opportunity to “win” a quarter. The scores were erased after each quarter, though there was still a steady onus to play hard given what loomed in the fourth quarter.

The final period would see teams play to a target score at, a set point total determined by the leading team’s current score (on aggregate) plus 24 — which is how the league paid homage to Kobe. There was no time clock.

Now, the NBA is considering applying these concepts to their developmental league.

Zach Lowe of ESPN reported the NBA will “discuss” using the target score in the G League, though he added “full-scale adaptation” is unlikely.

The NBA will “discuss” using the target score system in the G League, but any full-scale adaptation there seems unlikely. The league has some concern about making G League play too different from play in the parent league, since one of the G League’s main functions is to prepare players, coaches, and referees for the NBA, Spruell said.

Although there were questions as to how the format would play out this past weekend, it drew rave reviews.

The target score appeared especially innovative, as both teams went at it and played as physical as any All-Star Game in the past. There were plenty of foul calls and even a pair of Coach’s Challenges. Kyle Lowry drew multiple charges. In other words, it was unnaturally competitive for an exhibition.

Perhaps the NBA sees this as an opportunity to grow developmental players in the intangible areas. It would be a fascinating development should it come to fruition.