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WATCH: Allen Iverson’s famous crossover vs. Michael Jordan is a ‘carry,’ per Reggie Miller

Allen Iverson, Reggie Miller, Michael Jordan

One of the most iconic plays of the great Allen Iverson’s career was crossing Michael Jordan back in 1997. But, according to Reggie Miller, AI’s flashy moves weren’t 100% legal, if you ask him.

In a recent interview in the Dan Patrick Show, the former Indiana Pacers star referenced the infamous Iverson crossover on Jordan way back in the Philadelphia 76ers’ icon’s rookie year. According to Miller, Iverson got away with a dribbling violation for palming the ball not once, but twice.

“That is a blatant carry. Twice,” Miller said (via Hot League Takes).


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Carry or not, Iverson putting the GOAT on skates on back-to-back crossovers should definitely go down as one of the best plays in NBA history. The play was the perfect highlight in Iverson’s incredible rookie year where he ended up averaging 23.5 points as a 21-year-old rookie, starting 74 out of his first 76 games in the league. Iverson went on to win that season’s ROTY award and his incredible career as one of the best guards in the NBA flourished. For what it’s worth, Allen Iverson joins MJ as part of the Basketball Hall of Fame.

Miller, who’s always unshy to share his thoughts, does know a thing or two about going up against MJ. As part of the NBA’s Central Division, Millers’ Pacers went up against Jordan’s Bulls quite a handful of times and, more often than not, it was Jordan who saw himself on the winning side of things once the final buzzer sounded.