The ending to Game 5 of the second round series between the San Antonio Spurs and the Oklahoma City Thunder wasn't exactly pretty (unless you're a Thunder fan).

While not as crazy as the final moments of Game 2, the final two minutes last night were pretty sloppy for the officials as well as the players.

Compared to other games this postseason, the refs actually didn't miss much, with two missed calls being cited in the report. Still, their miscues were quite significant, and indeed detrimental to San Antonio's chances.

Eric Gay/Associated Press

First, with just under a minute to play, Danny Green was called for a shooting foul on Kevin Durant. According to the report, no call should have been assessed because Thunder big man Steven Adams actually tripped Green, causing him to fall into Durant. KD hit both free throws afterward (I guess the ball does indeed lie sometimes, Rasheed Wallace).

Then, there's the more obvious mistake that everybody watching cited immediately. With 8.6 seconds to go and the Thunder leading by one, Kawhi Leonard attempted to foul Russell Westbrook to get him to the line and preserve time. He did indeed foul him according to the league office, but nothing was called.

On the ensuing drive to the hoop, Westbrook got an and-one to extend the lead to four and give Oklahoma City the victory.

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