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Mo Bamba ‘steals’ moves from other players

Mo Bamba

Former Texas Longhorns center Mo Bamba has shot up NBA Draft boards the last few weeks because of the upside he has. He has already improved since his season ended with the Longhorns and coming into the NBA he will already be an above average defender.

Bamba is still trying to refine his craft on offense and to do that he is stealing moves from other players already in the league.

“Although there’s no one I really pattern my game after, I am a firm believer in stealing stuff from other people,” Mo Bamba said via ESPN. “When I sat down with Drew, we watched a lot of Jo-Jo [Embiid], we watched a lot of AD [Anthony Davis]. Guys who can step out and move their feet and create their own shot offensively as a 7-footer.”

Since his season ended in March, Bamba has been working hard every day to improve his craft. One of the biggest changes already been made has been on Bamba’s jump shot. With the Longhorns it took 0.93 seconds to get a jump shot off. With the transformation to the jump shot, it only takes 0.72 seconds to get it off.

“I had to put my trust in Drew,” Bamba said. “And the results are there. The mechanics are really paying dividends for the betterment of my jump shot. With that corner 3, it’s the highest percentage shot in the game. You get 1.5 more points than a regular 2-point shot, and it’s a lot closer.

Where Bamba gets drafted is still unclear, but whoever gets him might be getting a steal, even if he is one of the first picks off the board.

The NBA Draft is quickly approaching.