NBA Draft news: Executive says 'everybody is lying' about Oregon's Bol Bol
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Executive says ‘everybody is lying’ about Oregon’s Bol Bol ahead of NBA Draft

Bol Bol

Oregon center Bol Bol remains one of the most enigmatic prospects entering this looming NBA Draft. Standing at 7-foot-2, five inches smaller than his father, the legendary Manute Bol, the young big dipper combines supreme length and athleticism with a deft touch around the rim and a feathery jumper which he has stretched to the 3-point line.

Yet many NBA executives are playing the misdirection game, with some raving about the Ducks giant while others are pegging him down a notch, though not for the reasons the average fan would expect:

“Be careful. Everybody is lying about Bol Bol,” one team executive told David Gardner of Bleacher Report. “Every team thinks they have him figured out. The ones who like him a lot are spreading negative rumors about him, and the ones who don’t want to draft him are propping him up.”

This game is quite common as the draft gets closer, as executives usually try to make the most of mysterious draft selections by keeping workout information in-house, hoping they have the chance to draft one with potential.

Bol only played nine games for Oregon due to a season-ending foot injury, but had he played the entire season, he would have wound up as a top-10 pick. Bol averaged a studly 21.0 points, 9.6 rebounds and 2.7 blocks in his lone season for the Ducks.

As it sits now, Bol’s stock is right in the middle of the draft board, and the pendulum could swing higher or lower, depending on who is left on the board and who decides to take the plunge with the young center.