NBA Draft news: Zion Williamson speaks out on his professional future
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Zion Williamson says ‘there’s obviously a high chance that I’m going to enter the draft’

Zion Williamson

This may not exactly surprise you, but it appears that Zion Williamson has likely played his final collegiate game for the Duke Blue Devils. Following Sunday’s loss in the Elite Eight to the Michigan State Spartans, Williamson admitted that there is a good chance that he’ll be declaring for the NBA Draft after his freshman year at Duke, having stupefied the sport with his blend of athleticism and power that has NBA scouts fawning:

Williamson may have entered the 2018-19 season as the No. 2 recruit in the country behind teammate RJ Barrett, but he undoubtedly closes the year as the premier prospect in basketball. After dealing with injury concerns, Williamson returned to take the floor in hopes of leading a Duke squad that spent the majority of the year at or near the top of the rankings to a national championship, only to fall short of reaching the Final Four.

With the NBA Draft Lottery having overhauled their process ahead of the 2019 installment, it’s murkier than ever just who will ultimately acquire Williamson’s services and alter their franchise. Understandably, there will be a major interest in seeing where the Duke standout winds up and what teams may be offering in order to acquire the No. 1 overall pick, should the team that lands it be interested in swapping out.

While nothing is set in stone, it would be an enormous surprise to see Williamson back in Durham, N.C. next season. A Duke recruiting class that had the top three recruits of 2018 has likely played their last game together, now getting ready to play against each other.