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Mo Bamba refusing to work out for Grizzlies

Mo Bamba

NBA Draft prospect Mo Bamba has refused to work out for the Memphis Grizzlies, despite being slated to be one of the top five picks this Thursday.

The Texas Longhorn made it clear that he has no interest in becoming a piece of their franchise, according to ESPN draft expert Jonathan Givony.

Via ESPN’s John Martin:

“Mo Bamba has refused to come to work out for Memphis, refused to share his medicals, and has told them openly he would prefer not to be in Memphis.”

Bamba is slated to go fifth to the Dallas Mavericks or sixth to the Orlando Magic as the second-best pure center available in the draft after Arizona’s DeAndre Ayton; the concensus No. 1 pick.

Yet avoiding workouts has been a strategy employed by several prospects in hopes to repel teams from drafting them, though it has been known to backfire when the expected teams pull a rather unexpected move, causing prospects to slide down the draft board.

It’s unknown whether the Texas product has received any sort of promise from any of the teams on the top of the board, but if he hasn’t, this could be a costly gamble to pull off just days before the NBA Draft.