NBA Finals news: Kyle Lowry explains the Raptors' final possession of Game 5
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Kyle Lowry explains the Raptors’ final possession of Game 5

Kyle Lowry, Raptors

The Toronto Raptors had a chance to win the NBA Finals with a basket on the final possession of Game 5, but things went awry as some great Golden State Warriors defense shut everything down, resulting in Draymond Green blocking a Kyle Lowry game-winning attempt from the corner.

After the game, Lowry walked through what happened on the final play, noting that Green did indeed block his shot after it was initially hard for many viewers to tell what happened while watching live:

The Raptors wanted superstar Kawhi Leonard to take the final shot, but the Warriors threw a perfectly timed double-team at Leonard, forcing him to give the ball up. The ball then made its way over to Lowry in the corner, but Green’s terrific defensive instincts resulted in the block and a 106-105 Warriors victory.

Toronto is going to be kicking itself for these next few days after how this game ended. It looked like the Raptors were in complete control and on their way to the championship when they went up by six points with just over three minutes to play, but they faltered down the stretch as the Warriors made one last push.

Lowry himself was terrific all night up until those final few minutes. But he missed a wide-open 3-pointer and had a crucial turnover before this final play, and he and the Raptors can only hope this doesn’t come back to haunt them.