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Raptors fans curse at Stephen Curry’s mom, Warriors star reacts

Stephen Curry, NBA Finals

Some Toronto Raptors fans camped outside the hotel where Stephen Curry’s mom, Sonya, was staying for Game 5 of the NBA Finals. The fans cursed at her and she rightfully fought back. The Golden State Warriors star shared his thoughts on the matter.

Per 95.7 The Game, Stephen Curry tagged the fans’ behavior as “stupid.”

“It’s kinda stupid to be honest, in terms of people camping outside of our hotel just to yell expletives at us & our family.”

Below is the incident posted by The Render. It’s unclear what Sonya Curry was saying but it’s safe to say that she wasn’t pleased by the fans’ behavior.

Dell Curry, meanwhile, seemed used to such antics and didn’t pay attention to them at all after what was a wild Game 5 of the NBA Finals.

It’s quite bothering to see Raptors fans behave like this. After all, some say that they are the nicest fans out there and are not capable of talking trash their foes. But the clip above is proof that they can get rowdy and inappropriate.

Recently, the NBA has dealt with fans and their bad behavior towards players. They’ve kicked out and banned some of them — doesn’t matter if the fan is a VIP or just a regular viewer. Time will only tell if the NBA looks into this.

But it is a chillingly disturbing clip of fans who have no etiquette whatsoever.

Game 6 of the NBA Finals takes place on Thursday night at Oracle Arena.