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Warriors’ Stephen Curry says Raptors leaving Andre Iguodala open in closing seconds of Game 2 was ‘disrespectful’

Stephen Curry, Warriors

Andre Iguodala only had eight points in Game 2, but three of those came from a clutch 3-pointer that propelled the Golden State Warriors to a 109-104 win over the Toronto Raptors.

The Raptors erased a 12-point third quarter lead by the Warriors to come within two, 106-104 with less than 20 seconds remaining in the game. They played excellent defense on Steph Curry down the stretch. He managed to pass the ball to Shaun Livingston, who then passed it to Andre Iguodala, who was wide open in the left wing. No one from the Raptors rushed to contest his 3-point shot.

Iggy made them pay.

After the game, Steph Curry called the Raptors’ defense on Iguodala disrespectful, because everybody knows he can make that shot.

Iguodala has been dealing with a minor leg injury which he suffered in Game 1, and that obviously had some type of impact in his game. But when the Warriors needed him the most, he was still able to deliver.

The Warriors are banged up, but they have not allowed injuries to affect their game as a team, even when Klay Thompson, the team’s leading scorer in Game 2 went out early in the fourth quarter with what looked like an ankle sprain, they were still able to stand their ground against the Raptors’ furious run.

Now the Warriors will travel back to Oakland to host the Raptors for Games 3 and 4, and they have all the momentum that they need to take control of the series.

Game 3 will be on Wednesday night.