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Agent claims the NBA has become a reality show

Adam Silver, NBA

This season in the NBA has unquestionably been one of the most colorful ones we’ve had in recent memory. There have been no shortage of narratives throughout the year, with some even transcending beyond the four corners of the basketball court.

It has gotten to a point where there are now some people who believe that the pureness of the sport has been drowned out by all the noise surrounding it. So much so, that in the opinion of one anonymous agent, the NBA has stooped down to the level of a gossip-mongering reality show:

“The NBA has become a freaking reality show,” a prominent agent told Ken Berger of Bleacher Report. “Everyone has become so enamored with Golden State and how good they are that everyone along the way is trying to look for other stories.”

Quite frankly, that’s a pretty harsh generalization. Surely, there have been some instances where the simplest of narratives have been blown completely out of proportion, but to say that the league has become a reality show would be a gross exaggeration, right?

At the end of the day, it is still the game of basketball that drives the league and its ever-growing fan base. The primary reason why the entire basketball world is so “enamored” with the Golden State Warriors is due to the fact that they have formed arguably the greatest starting five of all time.

Social media and the ease by which news (and gossip) gets around has surely played its part in what honestly feels like a circus at times, but underneath all the rubbish, it still boils down to basketball in its purest form.