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Allen Iverson picks his best dunker of all time and it’s not Vince Carter

Allen Iverson, Vince Carter

A lot of people view recently retired NBA player Vince Carter as hands down the best dunker of all time. But as far as Allen Iverson is concerned, he gives the crown to the prime version of his former Philadelphia 76ers teammate, Andre Iguodala.

The Hall of Fame guard made the intriguing choice in an appearance on All The Smoke podcast, hosted by his fellow retired players Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson. Asked who was the best leaper he has ever seen, AI didn’t even flinch and made the case for Iggy.

“I just don’t want people to not recognize was Andre Iguodala was or is, as far as leaping. And I just seen (sic) him do so many things, man. Just getting off the floor,” Iverson described Iguodala.

Allen Iverson’s choice is indeed a peculiar one, given Andre Iguodala’s name doesn’t really come up in the subject of the best dunkers of all-time. Vince Carter is usually the unanimous choice, while legends like Michael Jordan, Dominique Wilkins, and Julius Erving are also in the running.

Plus, AI certainly had a front-row seat watching VC do his thing in the early 2000s. The pair of superstars even figured in a classic Eastern Conference semis playoff match in 2001, where Iverson’s Sixers edged Carter’s Raptors in seven games.

Iverson is likely basing his judgment from Iguodala’s performance in the 2006 Slam Dunk contest. AI even assisted Iggy for that ridiculous off the backboard jam — which is considered as one of the most underrated performances in the contest’s history. Iguodala did finish as runner-up to Nate Robinson that year, but the general consensus was that he was robbed.

Still, a lot of pundits have Carter as the GOAT in terms of pure athleticism, following that classic aerial display he put in the 2000 Slamdunk Contest. While a young Iggy indeed had some serious hops, not a lot of fans would agree on The Answer on this one.