Charles Barkley has already voiced out his thoughts on the ground-shaking trade of James Harden from the Philadelphia 76ers to the Los Angeles Clippers. For the Basketball Hall of Famer, the Sixers will end up just fine with the new pieces they have acquired off of that swap.

As for the Clippers, Barkley is not quite sure if the arrival of James Harden on the team will ultimately be a success.

Charles Barkley weighs in on Sixers, Clippers after James Harden trade

James Harden with a Clippers jersey after getting traded off of the Sixers

The Sixers decided to finally pull the trigger on a James Harden trade following several months of drama that mostly defined the team's offseason. In the eyes of Barkley, Philadelphia got better by letting go of Harden in exchange for depth pieces.

“It had to be done. He was not going to be welcomed back in Philly with open arms. The Sixers have to move on,” Barkley said of Harden during an interview (via NBA TV) I think it's a great trade for the Sixers. They got more depth on the bench and now they can turn their team over to Joel [Embiid] but also [Tyrese] Maxey. And I think the person who's going to benefit the most is Tobias Harris, So, the Sixers in my opinion are just as good as they were last year, except they got more depth… But overall, it's a great trade for the Sixers.”

The Clippers, on the other hand, have tremendous star power, but whether that translates to a championship is a different story if you ask Barkley.

“Now, from the Clippers' standpoint, I don't know. It's a very interesting mix of players and personalities, and Russell Westbrook needs the basketball. James Harden needs the basketball. So, I think just to say they just because they have talent on paper, it's gonna work…I think it's gonna be a fascinating experiment how this thing works out for the Clippers.”

Harden, who can be a free agent by the end of this season, will try to finally win an NBA title together with his former Oklahoma City and Houston Rockets teammate Russell Westbrook.