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FOX Sports’ Chris Broussard says NCAA’s ‘Rich Paul Rule’ is racist

FOX Sports 1 analyst Chris Broussard issued a forceful critique of the NCAA’s new rules regarding player agents on Tuesday, saying the policy is “flat-out racist” and calling on young, black athletes to take action against it by attending historically black colleges.

“They’re calling it the ‘Rich Paul rule,’ which is appropriate, but I’m gonna call it something else: straight-up racism,” he said in a video posted on Twitter. “But instead of crying, complaining, and begging, it’s time for black people to take action. You fight power with power, and one of our greatest sources of power is our athletic dominance. So I’m calling on all of our great black football and basketball players, instead of going to these big universities that chew you up, spit you out, and don’t care about you, go to a HBCU.”

The NCAA announced new stipulations on Tuesday for players who want to retain their college eligibility but declare for the NBA draft, a long-awaited compromise that was initially put in place last season. Now, when players testing the waters hire agents, they will only be allowed to retain their eligibility if they hire agents who have a bachelor’s degree; have been certified by the NBPA for at least three years; and pass an in-person exam administered at the NCAA’s office in Indianapolis.

Those rules led many NBA players, including LeBron James, to deem the policy the “Rich Paul Rule.” Paul, the founder of Klutch Sports who represents James and Anthony Davis among other NBA stars and was recently named head of United Talent Agency’s sports division, didn’t graduate from college. He’s recently faced widespread criticism from those decrying player empowerment for his role in shepherding Davis from the New Orleans Pelicans to the Los Angeles Lakers.