NBA news: Conspiracy theorists hilariously argue that Raptors star Kawhi Leonard's Game 7 winner was made because of magnets
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Conspiracy theorists hilariously argue that Raptors star Kawhi Leonard’s Game 7 winner was made because of magnets

Kawhi Leonard, Raptors

The NBA is never short on drama. What with the NBA Draft producing big-name rookies on a yearly basis, and the best soap opera in the world being the annual cycle of signings, re-signings and extensions in free agency, the NBA is a year-round sport that keeps people engaged all the time.

Of course, the “main course” of the NBA is the Playoffs, in which 16 teams vie for the championship every spring/summer until the Golden State Warriors are inevitably crowned champions. Oh wait, I’m being told that’s not necessarily the case. You get the drift.

The 2019 NBA Playoffs have featured their fair share of scintillating moments – such as Damian Lillard’s miraculous Game 5 buzzer-beater to end the Oklahoma City Thunder’s season or the Clippers coming back from 31 points down to beat the Warriors in the first round.

Perhaps the most notable recent highlight was the incredible Game 7 buzzer-beater from Kawhi Leonard of the Toronto Raptors against the Philadelphia 76ers. The ball bounced against the rim four times before falling in.

Now, as it does, the internet thought there was a little bit of “foul play” involved with the shot, with some fans believing that the ScotiaBank Arena rim in Toronto was being manipulated with magnetic missile technology.

Per a story from 12UP, “According to one [Reddit] user, this so-called ‘missile technology’ constricts the volume of the alleged magnetic pulses, which will pull the ball closer to the middle of the basket.”

This seems extraordinarily outlandish, and Leonard’s shot will forever live in NBA lore as one of the best game-winning buckets in Game 7 history. However, some fans believe the shot was rigged and, in their eyes, that legacy is tarnished.