Basketball fans have watched the stars of the NBA align during the Olympics for the overall glory of competing for a gold medal. One of the late greats Kobe Bryant was known for his mastery and attention to the game despite his surrounding.

Miami Heat legend Dwyane Wade sat down with Russell Wilson during his “Danger Talk” session on ESPN and recalled one of his best memories of Bryant as they competed in the 2008 Olympics:

“One of my favorite things about that experience with Kob' is, so I was coming off the bench,” the NBA icon said to Russell. “And Kob' came to me and he knew I was coming off the bench and he said ‘Hey D when you get in, …I'm gonna pick up the defender, 94 feet. I'm gonna harass 'em.' …All Kobe cared about was defense.”

For the majority part of Kobe Bryant's NBA career, he was known as a star that went after his own numbers. However, it later became apparent that the late Hall of Famer was simply obsessed with winning more than anything else, even when it came to a less stricter environment in the Olympics.

“To be able to play with a guy who had everything offensively, who coulda just demanded us give him the ball every time down. Was worried about defense? In the Olympics? Come on bro,” Wade added about the late NBA star and Los Angeles Lakers legend.

Wade isn't the only star athlete that has taken a memorable experience from Bryant, who passed away in January following a devastating helicopter crash. Even so, the “Mamba Mentality” that he's instilled in his pupils is clear as ever during iconic performances that are dedicated to the Lakers legend.