NBA news: Dwyane Wade on wife Gabrielle Union's harassment lawsuit
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Dwyane Wade speaks out on racism after wife Gabrielle Union’s harassment lawsuit


Dwyane Wade posted a series of tweets in defense of his wife Gabrielle Union. The Miami Heat legend blasted NBC after the Hollywood actress reportedly filed a complaint the network and Simon Cowell for attempting to silence her reports of racism during her stint as a judge on America’s Got Talent.

Wade added that these apparently affected their family, including his daughter.

Gabrielle Union served as judge of America’s Got Talent 14th season. After just one season, the network dismissed Union from her post. Union filed her complaint on Thursday following her firing and alleged that the company tried to mum her reports on racist incidents that occurred on the set of America’s Got Talent.

Union will also reportedly file a separate complaint towards Simon Cowell, one of her co-judges on the show. The 47-year old also claimed that the NBC Entertainment Chairman Paul Telegdy threatened her following her complaint.

NBC denied the allegations and claimed that their internal investigation did not find incidents of racial discrimination directed towards Union. Likewise, they said that Union’s release was due to performance and lack of chemistry with the rest of the judges.

Racism is one of the most pressing issues in the world right now following the death of George Floyd. Floyd was a black man who was murdered while on police custody in Minneapolis.

His unjust death has led to rallies and protests around the country to put an end to racism and police brutality to black people. This news will obviously put NBC on the hot seat.