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JR Smith calls Donald Trump a ‘clown,’ urges POTUS to ‘do something’ about coronavirus


The United States are reeling from the impact of the coronavirus, and the NBA is undoubtedly affected by this pandemic. Some Americans are criticizing Trump for his handling of the issue, and one of those voices is former Cleveland Cavaliers guard JR Smith.

Smith is not a fan of how Trump has been running the country. He went off on Twitter and gave Trump a piece of his mind. The NBA guard retweeted Trump’s tweet about lambasting the media and called him a clown for his actions. He also implored the head of state to do something about the situation.

Much of the NBA hasn’t been favorable to Trump. The Golden State Warriors and Toronto Raptors–teams that have won the NBA title during Trump’s term–all skipped on making a courtesy visit to the White House.

The NBA called off the season after Rudy Gobert tested positive for the coronavirus, but he and Donovan Mitchell have since recovered.

Only time will tell if what Smith said in a tweet play any positive factor in how things are handled moving forward; though it is unlikely. Until then, an NBA loving nation misses its basketball while hoping to make it through this pandemic in as safe a way as possible.