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Kawhi Leonard shares the best Kobe Bryant story ever after winning NBA All-Star MVP

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Los Angeles Clippers swingman Kawhi Leonard was the brightest star during the 2020 NBA All-Star Game, leading Team LeBron to a 157-155 win. over Team Giannis.

The Klaw is also the first recipient of the Kobe Bryant MVP award, which was permanently renamed in honor of the late basketball icon and former Los Angeles Lakers superstar.

Speaking to the TNT crew shortly after the match, the soft-spoken 28-year-old superstar shared a never-before-heard Kobe Bryant story.

In true Kobe-manner, Bryant (who is perhaps remembered as the most fearsome competitor in basketball) reportedly boasted to Kawhi that he shot 49 times in a basketball game. Leonard’s story gave the TNT crew a good chuckle.

Kobe Bryant, of course, is one of the most dynamic scorers to ever step foot in an NBA hardwood. Bryant did have his fair share of games with over 40 field goal attempts. He chucked up 46 shots during his 81-point outburst against the Toronto Raptors back in 2006, and he also recorded 50 shots in his final NBA game against the Utah Jazz in 2016.

Kawhi Leonard, who resides in California, has developed a bond with Bryant even before he joined the Los Angeles Clippers over the summer. With the help of Kobe who entertained him with one-on-one practice sessions, Leonard has worked on refining his offensive repertoire over the years.

In fact, Bryant was also one of the first people that Leonard called when he was making a decision to move to LA over the summer.

Leonard’s All-Star game performance, meanwhile, would have certainly made the Black Mamba proud. He finished with 30 points on 11-for-18 shooting from the field, to go along with seven rebounds, four assists and two steals. The Klaw was also one 3-pointer away from tying Paul George’s All-Star game record for most threes in a game, going 8-for-14 from deep.