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Kendrick Perkins hilariously reacts to Richard Jefferson curse on live TV

Kendrick Perkins, Richard Jefferson, Rachel Nichols, NBA Summer League

The NBA Summer League is well underway and ESPN analyst Kendrick Perkins is watching it closely. But apparently, he’s also closely watching his weight. And somehow, his colleague Richard Jefferson got dragged into the metabolic matter.

On ESPN’s The Jump, Perkins addressed something during what seems like the tail-end of the show on Monday. Seated in the middle with no table to shield his physique, the 16-year NBA veteran blamed Jefferson for putting him in the situation (via Rachel Nichols).

“First of all, I feel like Richard is somewhere in here because this is his seat, and I’m usually seating right there on the side, I’m able to hide everything that I gained when I stopped playing. But now, I’m front and center, so everything is sticking out. I look like a pregnant woman. But it’s all good though.”

Perkins dropping truth missiles!

Perkins has always been a big dude. That’s why he spent so many years in the NBA despite his unpolished game. His body mass index was higher than his scoring average. He knew how to throw his weight around, serving as an enforcer of the four teams he’s played for, including the Boston Celtics champion crew in 2008.

But as with most retired NBA players, Perkins gained not a few extra pounds after his playing days. The situation is par for the course because of the lack of constant activity. But hey, you can eat whatever you want, Kendrick Perkins! You’re an adult.

Besides, if everything turns terribly wrong, we can always blame Richard Jefferson.