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Kendrick Perkins wants to drug test NFL owners after absurd free agency moves

Kendrick Perkins, NFL, NBA

The always outspoken Kendrick Perkins, who is currently an ESPN NBA analyst, says some NFL owners need to be drug tested.

Monday was an eventful day in the NFL. The Houston Texanstrade of star wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins to the Arizona Cardinals sent shock waves throughout the sports world since there are no games on at the moment due to the coronavirus.

The Hopkins trade was just the beginning of Perkins’ problems with NFL owners:

Kendrick Perkins’ drug test tweet comes on the same day that the NBA announced it has reached an agreement with the NBPA to not subject players to drug testing during the COVID-19 hiatus.

This agreement will be temporary, but it’s funny how Perkins always seems to find the right time to pounce on a subject.

NFL free agency is going to keep the sports world entertained for a while. There’s no NBA, NCAA, MLB or NHL on right now. Tennis and Golf have been suspended, too.

Who knows, fans will probably hear Perkins’ thoughts about where Tom Brady should go. There are reports that Brady may not be heading back to the New England Patriots and that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are in hot pursuit of the six-time Super Bowl NFL champion.

Hopefully, the NBA can resume in June or July. The NFL, meanwhile, is still scheduled to start on time as of now.