NBA news: Kobe Bryant 'truly thought' he was better than Michael Jordan
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Kobe Bryant ‘truly thought’ he was better than Michael Jordan, claims Tracy McGrady

Tracy McGrady, Kobe Bryant

The late NBA icon Kobe Bryant is indeed the player that resembled Michael Jordan on the hardwood the most. In fact, Bryant even came to the league believing he was better than His Airness, according to Hall of Famer Tracy McGrady.

In an appearance on Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson’s All The Smoke Podcast, McGrady recalled how Bryant was wired differently even during his early years in the league.

“To be around Kobe at 19 years old, bro, you would’ve thought Kobe had been here before and been around the greats of the game because his mindset was so different than I’ve ever experienced and ever seen in anybody at 19 years old … This man really, truly thought he was better than Michael Jordan,” T-Mac said on Thursday.

Like most players who came into the league in mid-to-late ’90s, Kobe Bryant idolized Jordan and dreamed to one day rack up the same accomplishments MJ had.

Bryant ultimately became a carbon copy of Jordan, displaying the same grace (and moves) on the floor. The Lower Merion high school alum also had the same mental fortitude and willingness to win at all costs. Jordan captured six NBA titles with the Bulls, while Bryant eventually led the Lakers to five championships.

McGrady, on the other hand, knows Bryant first hand considering he was one of the few superstars who could trade bucket after bucket with the Lakers legend in the 2000s.

Some fans are still irate after Bryant’s name was left off ESPN’s recent Top 5 NBA player rankings. The late superstar was only ranked ninth.