After 16 seasons, LaMarcus Aldridge, the second overall pick of the 2006 NBA Draft, has called it quits — this time for good. A longtime master of the midrange and of the high post faceup game, Aldridge has been the fulcrum of many winning iterations of the Portland Trail Blazers and San Antonio Spurs over the years. Thus, it's no surprise that fans of the teams he gave All-Star production for showered him with love following his announcement to hang up his basketball shoes.

It's definitely heartwarming to see Aldridge remain beloved by plenty of Blazers fans, even if the end to his stint with the franchise that traded for him on draft night wasn't quite a climactic send-off after he chose to spurn them in free agency over the Spurs.

Of course, Spurs fans are thankful as well that LaMarcus Aldridge — a nightly 20 and 10 threat — chose them in free agency and dedicated the latter years of his prime as the San Antonio dynasty tried to transition from one era to the next. (If only Kawhi Leonard stayed.)

LaMarcus Aldridge has never quite become a megastar off the court, as his fundamentally sound, midrange-based game didn't particularly endear him beyond the most diehard of fans. Nevertheless, with Aldridge on his way to a life after basketball, some fans couldn't help but be nostalgic about his unstoppable scoring binges — including a career-high 56 against the Oklahoma City Thunder in 2016 without even making a single triple.

In addition, the former Blazers, Spurs, and Brooklyn Nets forward elicited happy memories for some fans by virtue of his meta jumpshot animation in NBA 2K.

But it's not like his appeal was limited to his on-court exploits. He also had unmistakable charisma, as evidenced by a video that resurfaced of a woman sitting courtside who clearly became enamored of LaMarcus Aldridge in a physical manner.

While it will be sad to see one of the most dynamic scoring big men in NBA history retire, the fact that Aldridge was able to retire on his own terms should be cause for joy, especially when he has managed to overcome a few heart issues en route to a long and productive career.