NBA news: Magic Johnson celebrates 60th birthday with 'Top 60' lists
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Magic Johnson celebrates 60th birthday with ‘Top 60’ lists


For his 60th birthday, NBA icon Magic Johnson put up a Top 60 list.

Via Twitter, Johnson a top 60 list of his favorite films, athletes turned entrepreneurs, places to travel, and TV shows.

For his favorite film of all-time, Johnson chose The Godfather — the seminal 1972 film directed by Francis Ford Coppola which stars Marlon Brando and Al Pacino. The rest of the list, for some reason, are simply arranged in alphabetical order.

For the top athletes turned entrepreneurs, peep his list below. Do you agree with his list? Some have noticed that the list is actually arranged in alphabetical order. Therefore, it can’t be a legitimate Top 60 list. Or can it?

For Johnson’s Top 60 places to travel:

Finally, the Top 60 TV shows:

Are these really top 60 lists as Johnson said? Fans have asked Johnson why he simpled called it a Top 60 when he simply arranged it alphabetically. Others, such as SB Nation, trolled Johnson by putting up their own list of the best NBA players:

A fan, meanwhile, challenged Johnson to do his a ‘top 60 numbers’ list.

Johnson hasn’t replied to such tweets. Maybe he’s trolling everyone? Or maybe the lists are above are his real top 60 lists and it’s just a wild coincidence that they’re in alphabetical order? Either way, Johnson can get a pass on this one. After all, he is Magic Johnson and it’s his birthday.