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Magic Johnson previews Nuggets-Jazz Game 7 in the most perfect way possible

Magic Johnson, Nuggets, Jazz

Magic Johnson is not exactly known for throwing out particularly spicy NBA takes on Twitter.

Ahead of Tuesday’s Game 7 showdown between the Denver Nuggets and Utah Jazz, Johnson posted some on-brand analysis:

“I’m so excited for Denver vs. Utah Game 7 & to see Jamal Murray vs. Donovan Mitchell! For Denver to win, Nikola Jokić, Gary Harris, Paul Millsap, or Michael Porter Jr. has to step up! For Utah to win, it’s on Mike Conley, Jordan Clarkson, Joe Ingles, or Rudy Gobert to step up.”

Magic Johnson is giving himself a wide margin for error on his preview, which essential boils down to this: “The teams will need some of their good players to play well in order to win.” Johnson is evidently expecting Murray and Mitchell to continue their breathtaking back-and-forth battle. (Also, he’s amped to watch.)

After Murray’s record-breaking Game 6 performance and poignant postgame remarks on racial injustice, Johnson lauded the emerging star:

“Jamal Murray had an incredible and dominating performance, scoring 50 points in the Denver win! I was really proud watching him give an emotional speech about Breonna Taylor and George Floyd after the game.”

In Magic Johnson’s defense, maybe he has actually mastered Twitter like he did the point guard position. Objectively, he’s one of the few celebrity tweeters whose takes are somewhat indisputable.

The Lakers great was a little bit more specific in his preview for Game 2 between the Toronto Raptors and Boston Celtics, who comfortably won Game 1, 112-90. Magic thinks Pascal Siakam must stay out of trouble and must score 25 points or more.

Thanks, Magic!