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Maurice Harkless wants someone to ‘talk to their rook’ after Michael Porter Jr.’s George Floyd post

NBA, Maurice Harkless, Michael Porter Jr., George Floyd

Denver Nuggets forward Michael Porter Jr. implored others to “pray” following the death of Minnesota resident George Floyd on Monday night in Minneapolis.

New York Knicks forward Maurice Harkless does not agree with Porter’s messaging, however.

Porter said he hopes others would “pray that God changes” the hearts of the police officers involved in Floyd’s death. Harkless promptly responded on Twitter, saying “somebody talk to their rook please.”

Floyd died in police custody after an officer — filmed by a bystander — was shown kneeling on his neck, with Floyd complaining about his inability to breathe before going still.

Protestors in Minneapolis took the streets on Tuesday night. But what initially started as a peaceful protest devolved after police began using tear gas (via CNN):

Police used tear gas to disperse a crowd Tuesday after some protesters turned unruly, Minneapolis police spokesman John Elder told CNN.

Officers outside Minneapolis Police Department’s 3rd Precinct fired what appeared to CNN’s team on the scene to be non-lethal projectiles at demonstrators.

The officers fired “foam marking rounds,” but no rubber bullets, Elder said.

Those rounds are meant to mark individuals that officers believe may be instigating violence for later investigation, Elder said.

Nonetheless, the police action in response to the protests drew more ire on social media, considering armed militias — mostly consisting of caucasian persons — made their way to legislative chambers in states like Michigan, with little forced used in those cases.

Michael Porter Jr. might mean well with his words, but they appear rather insensitive, likely to more people than just Maurice Harkless.