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Metta World Peace calls out Netflix documentary based on him for misinformation

Metta World Peace

In cooperation with The Players’ Tribune, Netflix is about to launch what feels like another epic sports docuseries on August 10. Former NBA All-Star Metta World Peace is one of the main stars of the series titled “Untold,” but it looks like Metta isn’t too happy with how the show has turned out.

The Players’ Tribune shared a promotional poster of the new Netflix series on Twitter and it garnered a rather peculiar response from Metta. The former defensive specialist quickly called out the show for allegedly providing “false information”:


That’s all Metta had to say in his tweet and it doesn’t look like he’s explained why he’s criticizing the show even before it’s had a chance to premiere. Interestingly, Metta had an earlier tweet which has now been deleted. In it, he said that “Untold” was not the original title they had agreed on.

We’re not entirely sure what to make of this. It’s possible that Metta has seen the show himself and might not be too happy with how he’s portrayed in the documentary. The series will focus on World Peace — then known as Ron Artest — and the pivotal role he played in the infamous Malice at the Palace. Here’s a look at the full trailer:

The documentary will also feature several other controversial narratives in the world of sports including that of transgender gold medal athlete Caitlyn Jenner.

For his part, Metta World Peace is certainly not one to keep his thoughts to himself so we should get some more information on this brewing dispute in the coming days. Whatever the case may be, this upcoming docuseries has now certainly piqued the interest of sports fans.