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Michael Jordan breaks silence on NBA, COVID-19 vaccine

NBA, Michael Jordan, Hornets, Bulls, LeBron James, Kyrie Irving, COVID-19 vaccine

NBA legend and Charlotte Hornets owner Michael Jordan took a firm stance on the league’s COVID-19 protocols amid the resistance of some players on the vaccine.

Speaking on the Today Show, His Airness did not hold back as he expressed his support for the NBA on its mandate to prevent the spread of the dreaded virus among its players. The Chicago Bulls legend emphasized his belief on science and the fact that the league won’t put a protocol that will endanger players.

“Not at all,” Jordan said when asked about the COVID-19 protocols in the league. “I am total in unison with the league. Everybody’s been speaking about the vaccinations and I’m a firm believer in science and I’m going to stick with that.”

Recently, the NBA released its tentative health and safety protocols to counter the deadly disease that has already killed more than half a million of people in the United States alone. Included in the said new rules are major restrictions for unvaccinated players, like not being allowed to eat in the same room with vaccinated teammates and staff. Unvaccinated players will also have their lockers far from others.

Moreover, unvaccinated players are “required to remain at their residence when in their home market” and at the team hotel when on the road. They are also not allowed to visit “higher-risk” areas like restaurants, bars, clubs and more.

According to the latest reports, though, more than 95 percent of NBA players are already vaccinated.

Michael Jordan speaking his support for the rules is certainly huge for the NBA, especially amid a slew of players who are against it or refusing to endorse it. One of which is LeBron James, who confirmed he is vaccinated but didn’t want to “publicly advocate” for it as he believes in having control over one’s body.

For what it’s worth, it’s not only the NBA creating COVID-19 vaccine mandates. New York, San Francisco and Toronto also have rules in their respective areas which require athletes to get the vaccine in order to play or enjoy the establishments.