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Michael Jordan shockingly names only athlete he ever feared

Michael Jordan, NBA

NBA icon Michael Jordan may have been one of the most competitive athletes in history. However, even the so-called “GOAT” knew who not to mess with.

Looking back at his stellar NBA career, it is safe to say Chicago Bulls legend Michael Jordan never backed down on anybody inside the court. While that remains a fact even to this day, MJ himself admitted that there is a person who instilled fear on him.

According to the six-time NBA champ, the guy he was referring to was no NBA player. Instead, a professional golfer named Ian Poulter.

Like Jordan, Poulter too is widely recognized for his extreme competitiveness and intimidating persona, which certainly makes Jordan’s admission valid.

“I’m not scared of anybody…but Ian Poulter,” Jordan told Stephen Curry in a recent one-on-one interview. “I used to go and watch him all the time. If I’m in any of his matches or walking down, he finds me after he makes a good putt, and it’s like, ‘Man, I didn’t do anything. I like you. I support you.’ I stay away from him when I’m walking. I won’t go watch him.”

Before Poulter, Jordan also ducked another athlete during his North Carolina days.

As per his former Tar Heels teammate and Charlotte Hornets assistant GM Buzz Peterson, Jordan often feared facing football player Lawrence Taylor inside the basketball court.

“There is one guy that I always thought, and I know to this day — I don’t know if Michael won’t admit or not, but I swear that he had a little bit of fear of — and it wasn’t a basketball player,” Peterson told The Athletic last year. “It was a football player by the name of Lawrence Taylor. LT, [a] phenomenal athlete.”