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Nancy Lieberman doesn’t believe she’s to credit for explosion of women coaching in the league

Former WNBA player and head coach Nancy Lieberman is a true trail blazer. Nowadays, she is plying her trade as the head coach of the BIG3’s Power team, which will be facing off against the Killer 3’s this afternoon in the league’s playoffs.

Liebreman, also known as “Lady Magic,” recently sat down with J.R. Gamble of The Shadow League, and when the 61-year-old was asked about her thoughts on being considered as one of the driving forces that has helped empower women in the male-dominated business of professional basketball coaching, Liebreman was having none of it.

“I’m not taking any credit (for the explosion of women pro coaches), ” Lieberman said. “I’m just glad that the NBA is moving in the right direction as far as opportunity, inclusion. More importantly, I’m honored to be a head coach… or whatever designation you guys give me as the first female head coach of a men’s league.”

In 2009, Lieberman was appointed as the head coach of the Texas Legends, the Dallas Mavericks NBA Developmental League affiliate, which earned her the honor of being the first female head coach in a men’s professional league. Six years later, she was hired as an assistant coach by the Sacramento Kings, another first in the history of the sport.

Right now, Liebreman is also in line to make another bit of history by potentially winning two consecutive titles in the BIG3 league. This is far from a guarantee at this point, however, with her side still set to face off against Stephen Jackson and the Killer 3’s in the semifinals.