Former Los Angeles Lakers big man Pau Gasol is in Tokyo right now as part of the Spanish national basketball team. As it turns out, however, he might very well be representing his country for the ping-pong competition.

Apparently, Pau Gasol is good in ping-pong. Like, really, really good (h/t Bleacher Report on Twitter):

So as you can see, Gasol isn't only talented with a basketball. He also has quite the skill level in ping-pong and he certainly showcased his advanced techniques here. It also sounds like he was cheering himself on during the rally (we couldn't quite see with Gasol's mask on) so it is clear that he hasn't lost one bit of his passion for competitive sports.

We're not sure who Pau Gasol was going against here, but his opponent definitely knows how to play as well. She took Gasol's smashes like a champ and she ended up winning the point on what turned out to be an epic rally. We'd absolutely love to see this entire match.

At 41, this will likely be Pau Gasol's final stint for the Spanish basketball team. It could very well also serve as his swansong for professional basketball in general. A gold medal would be sweet to cap off what has been a tremendous career for the Pau Gasol.