Paul Pierce is convinced Duke University can beat the Cavs
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Paul Pierce is convinced Duke University can beat the Cavs

Prepare for an absolutely preposterous statement from Paul Pierce about Duke’s chances of beating the Cavs. These takes are always awful and Pierce’s from Wednesday night is no different.

Sorry Paul, but Duke could not beat the Cleveland. For as dangerous as the Duke Blue Devils looked, they aren’t taking down any NBA team, even if it’s the lowly Cavs.

Paul Pierce was blinded by a standout performance by the Blue Devils in their first game of the season. Mike Krzyzewski’s squad is led by the freshman trio ofย  Zion Williamson, Cam Reddish, and R.J. Barrett — all likely lottery picks. They have unreal talent, but a group of 18 and 19-year-olds would not beat seasoned NBA veterans.

This is one of the most tired narratives that continue to populate sports commentary. Could Duke beat the Cavs? Could Alabama beat the Bills? Not happening.

Every player playing in the NBA or the NFL is the best of the best of the very best. The Blue Devils have a stacked lineup of top-tier talent, but they lack the experience, savviness, and overall maturity to even hang with the Cavs in a game.

It makes no sense that Paul Pierce would be pushing this old and tired narrative considering he reached the pinnacle and he knows just how good the average NBA player is. That being said, Pierce’s basketball takes aren’t always on point. Take this proclamation with a grain of salt because it’s nothing more than a hot take.