Despite LeBron James and Stephen Curry still playing at elite levels, the Los Angeles Lakers and Golden State Warriors have not been very good this season. While both teams are currently in the playoff picture by means of the play-in tournament, they could just as easily miss the postseason. Both the Lakers and Warriors certainly still believe they can make the playoffs, but count former Boston Celtics star Paul Pierce as a non-believer. On a recent appeared on All The Smoke, Pierce said he doesn't believe either team can make it out of the first round even if they make the playoffs.

“The only for sure I know ain't losing the first round is Denver. Everybody else I feel like can get popped in the first round if the matchup is wrong,” Pierce said. “I'm not putting no money against Bron vs. the young boys or Steph vs. the young dudes. . .this is the last year the Lakers or Golden State have a chance to get to the Finals, this is the last year. After this, their run is over.”

Paul Pierce has a point when it comes to the Lakers and Warriors in that those are two older teams with a lot of young, up and coming talent in the West ready to take their place in the hierarchy.

Both teams are currently ninth and tenth in the West, respectively. They'd have to go through the play-in tournament just to make the playoffs. Should they get through that, they'd potentially have young, fresh teams like the Minnesota Timberwolves or Oklahoma City Thunder awaiting them.