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NBA news: Rick Pitino expects high school players to be draft eligible soon

Rick Pitino

The ‘one-and-done’ rule, which requires high school players to spend at least one year in college to be eligible for the NBA Draft, has been in effect for more than a decade already. However, after years of criticism, its days might be numbered now.

At least according to University of Louisville head coach Rick Pitino.

Pitino, who also previously coached the New York Knicks and Boston Celtics, told Marty Smith of ESPN that he expects NBA commissioner Adam Silver to abolish the rule within the next two years and make high school players draft-eligible again.

The one-year rule was meant to protect and prepare high school players for their transition to the NBA while also giving teams the chance to assess their prospects better. However, it received plenty of criticism since it was mandated in 2006, with NCAA President Mark Emmert previously saying that “it makes a farce of going to school.”

Silver also admitted last June, before the NBA Finals, that he thinks that the rule isn’t working anymore as both the NCAA and the league’s teams are not happy with the current system.

It’s still uncertain if Pitino is right on his expectations. Though, there is also a strong argument why the league should just go back to making high school players eligible again.

Players like Kevin Garnett, Kobe Bryant, and Tracy McGrady were prep-to-pro players, and all went to become stars. Even LeBron James was drafted out of high school, but he is still considered as the best player in the league and continues to be a role model in the community.