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Scottie Pippen still ranting but gets checked by Stephen A. Smith

NBA, Scottie Pippen, Stephen A. Smith

Scottie Pippen might be an NBA legend, but he needed a history legend from Stephen A. Smith after saying LeBron James won the 2016 NBA title by himself and totally forgetting about Kyrie Irving.

Pippen has been on a rant on all things NBA as of late. He went deep on a number of topics during an interview with GQ Magazine, including his old beef with Charles Barkley and a strong admonition of Ben Simmons and Doc Rivers.

The Hall of Fame forward was at it again Friday, suggesting LeBron James won the 2016 NBA title by himself.

There’s only one problem: Kyrie Irving exists.

James was indeed spectacular in that series, but Irving averaged 27.1 points–including a 41-point showing in Game 5–and knocked down the game-winning jumper in Game 7.

Pippen’s absurd statement prompted Smith to check him. Scottie admitted his mistake, saying he was thinking of the 2015 NBA Finals.

Of course, Pippen is wrong about this one as well. LeBron and the Cavs were without Irving and Kevin Love for nearly the entirety of the 2015 NBA Finals, but they also didn’t win that series.

Regardless, as Pippen said, very good “content” indeed.

The former Chicago Bulls star has shown endless love to James throughout the course of his career and has even said LeBron might be greater than his old teammate, Michael Jordan. As good as LeBron is, though, basketball fans–and especially Kyrie Irving–do not need Pippen or anyone else providing revisionist history with respect to the 2016 NBA Finals.