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Shaquille O’Neal speaks out on harsh reality players are facing in NBA bubble

Magic, Shaquille O'Neal

NBA Hall of Famer Shaquille O’Neal anticipates a tough road ahead for players to get to peak performance playing in Orlando, Florida during the “bubble” games.

The 2019-20 season is scheduled to resume on July 30, with 22 teams set to partake in the restart of the campaign.

O’Neal, arguably the most dominant player in NBA history, believes players from the 22 teams aren’t going to enjoy being confined in the Walt Disney Resort.

“Its going to be difficult for those guys to be inside that bubble, nobody can leave and eat the same food everyday,” Shaquille O’Neal told Mark Carman of Fansided.

“To be a great player it’s all about the physical attributes and the mental attributes, but it’s also about routine so guys are definitely going to have to adjust.”

Players from the 22 NBA teams coming to Walt Disney World have been informed that anyone who leaves the campus will have consequences. They will be subjected to a 10-14 day self-quarantine period, a reduction in compensation for games missed, as well as enhanced COVID-19 testing — which would be the wretched deep nasal swab. 

The families of NBA players won’t be with them at Walt Disney World. It’s going to be really interesting to see how players react to these unprecedented times.

Before the 2019-20 season was suspended in March, Shaquille O’Neal’s Los Angeles Lakers had the best record in the West. Meanwhile, the Milwaukee Bucks had the top record overall in the NBA.