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Terrence Clarke’s tragic passing gets emotional reaction from JR Smith

JR Smith, Terrence Clarke, Kentucky

The basketball world, including JR Smith, is in mourning following news of the untimely death of Kentucky standout Terrence Clarke on Thursday. The 19-year-old was involved in a vehicular accident and reportedly passed away as he was being rushed to a nearby hospital.

Smith, a former NBA player, has taken to social media to share his reaction to Clarke’s death. It is clear that the two-time NBA champ is devastated by this shocking development:



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Smith had quite a lot to say about the passing of his “Lil bro.” He was already in tears even before he started the video and it’s easy to see how deeply affected Smith is by Terrence Clarke’s death. By his own admission, Smith has been in this emotional state over the past few hours as he continues to try and process the loss.

Smith struggled to hold back the tears as he shared what kind of person Terrence Clarke was:

“Such a good kid,” Smith said. “Gone too soon for sure. He had a smile that would light up this room. Great heart. All he wanted to do was be great.”

After spending one season with the Wildcats, Terrence Clarke recently declared for the 2021 NBA Draft. Many considered him to be a great NBA prospect with experts predicting that he would have been selected somewhere in the middle or the latter part of the first round.

This is truly a heartbreaking tragedy. Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with those Terrence Clarke has left behind.