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The time Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant played ‘virtual game of 1-on-1’ at a dinner with B.J. Armstrong

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Episode 5 of “The Last Dance” featured Kobe Bryant. The show depicted the dynamics of the relationship between Chicago Bulls legend Michael Jordan and the late Los Angeles Lakers star, as well as how big of an influence the former Bulls superstar had on Kobe’s NBA career.

Recently, B.J. Armstrong, a former teammate of Jordan with the Bulls, shared an endearing narrative about the time he ended up being the third wheel during a dinner that included both MJ and Kobe back in 2014. According to Armstrong, he was simply amazed by the back-and-forth between the two NBA legends:

“They were playing a virtual game of 1-on-1 at dinner,” Armstrong said, via Tim Reynolds of The Associated Press. “I just sat there and listened to them talk about the love they had for the game. They were so sophisticated; they were talking about footwork, how they conditioned themselves, how they would box out. The detail that they had, the respect that they had for the game … I wish I could have seen them play in their prime.”

Unfortunately, the evening was cut short as the media rushed the restaurant upon learning that Jordan and Bryant were having dinner together. Armstrong described how the situation quickly turned, and shared his regret at not having more time to listen to the two:

“It was chaos,” Armstrong said. “And they were in basketball heaven.”

That was some dinner. Armstrong was lucky to have been part of a once-in-a-lifetime experience of witnessing an extended exchange between two of the greatest basketball minds in the history of the NBA.

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