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Vince Carter’s audacious claim over Michael Jordan’s GOAT status

Vince Carter, Michael Jordan

There are few people out there who are willing to question Michael Jordan’s status as the greatest player of all time. Even Vince Carter himself believes this to be absolutely true. For his part, however, Carter is adamant that there’s one particular facet of the game where he believes he holds supremacy over MJ.

Carter recently guested on The Dan Patrick Show where he was asked who he believes the greatest dunker in North Carolina history is. Carter had no hesitation in his response:

“I’ll take that,” Carter said confidently, via Matthew Dugandzic of Basketball Network. “You can’t give MJ everything. He’s got everything else. He’s right there.”

Carter did give MJ his props, but clearly, Vince has no doubt that he’s the better dunker between the two of them. The man actually has a point here.

Carter was not short of praise for Jordan, though, as he shared how much of a legendary figure MJ has established himself to be in their alma matter of North Carolina:

“Like I said, just walking into that gym, that’s one thing every Carolina player will say this. Walking into the gym, the first person every person looks for is MJ,” Carter said. “We know what he did in college, and of course in the NBA, and his ability to dunk. I might not end up being the greatest player or as good as him, but that something that I can kinda have people thinking. Hey maybe. So that dunk contest is one of the things I made my mark…The dunk contest was kind of like my moment in time where I said I’m gonna shock the world and wild up the crowd for years to come. I just didn’t know it’ll have its effect like it’s had, and I’m thankful for it.”

I wonder what Michael Jordan will have to say about this. We all know how competitive this man is, and he’s probably not even going to be willing to concede this particular aspect of the game to Vince Carter. Here’s a thought, though: with both men in their primes, who would have won in a Dunk Contest?