Last-two-minute (L2M) reports have caused quite a stir in the NBA this year. All season long, referees' incorrect calls were put into the spotlight after games had ended, causing players and fans alike to call for better regulation of officials. Even commissioner Adam Silver has been forced to comment on the integrity of referees.

With the heightened pressure of the playoffs and numerous calls being questioned in L2M reports throughout this postseason, NBA officials are now asking for reform in the process. The National Basketball Referees Association released a statement on Tuesday asking the league to amend the reports.

The statement includes six grievances as “reasons to end” the L2M reports, including that they do “nothing to change the outcome of the game” and “encourage anger and hostility towards NBA officials.”

In addition, the statement raises key questions about the process, and suggests three changes to occur if the NBA chooses not to end the reports. The changes suggested focus on transparency, consistency, and adding an appeal process.

Although no change is likely to come before the end of the current NBA Finals, the league will undoubtedly consider how to improve L2M reports before next season.

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