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NBA rumors: Andrew Bogut expected to sign with new team after trade deadline

Andrew Bogut

It looks like Andrew Bogut isn’t out of the NBA after all.

Bogut, who was recently waived by the Los Angeles Lakers, is reportedly getting interested from several NBA teams, per Marc Stein of the New York Times. Furthermore, Bogut expects to be in an NBA uniform after this year’s trade deadline.

Bogut will be happy to get another opportunity with a team. He may not have averaged many points or minutes with the Lakers, but Bogut is a championship player with championship habits. He proved he could stay healthy this season and make significant contributions to an NBA team, even if it’s only as a mentor for younger players.

But Bogut likely wants to get some playing time with a contending team. He won’t make much money with a role like that, but so long as he gets some playing time and feels like he’s contributing, it may be happy with that.

The question is, what times are wanting to pick him up? There are some teams out there with a roster spot, or that would gladly create a spot to sign him.

But it’s difficult to think of what teams need a player with Bogut’s specific skill set. He can’t shoot, but he can defend, set screens and rebound well. He might fit with a team that needs help in the second unit.

Whatever team he lands on, Bogut deserves another chance in the NBA. If nothing else, he can help a team learn professionalism and hard work as a veteran player in the league.